Welcome to R.E.M. Nation

Hi non spanish people!!

If you are reading this blog, surely you are a REM fan, right? Unfortunately, you can't understand Spanish language neither enjoy with our interestant and updated articles about REM. But don't worry, we also take care of our foreigner audience, so we're going to try to explain what, where and who REM Nation is.

REM Nation is a REM fan comunity from Spain. It was born in 2000 as a modest website created by Ark and hosted in iespana (still active). In an era with absolutely no news in spanish about REM, this website became an oasis where fans could find lyrics, chords, reviews, photos, a biography (very used by lazies lovers of copy & paste) and a small board.

The updates weren't too easy as today, knowledge of HTML was needed, the hosting was too slow and the board wasn't very friendly (specially when it was full of spam). To solve those inconveniences and move fans to participate, in 2001 the REM Nation mailing list was created. The feedback was very positive, instantly a lot of fans began to send & receive news and comments about REM in their mail accounts and answer them with a passion never seen before. That's the reason to call to the mailing list "Talk About the Passion".

The mailing list was active about 3 years, it was a nice time where Reveal was released and some of us enjoyed the promo shows. Nowadays is still active and opened to whoever participate but it hasn't been updated so much since 2004.

What happened then? Were people scared to talk about REM suddenly? The reason of this decrease of participation was the new REM nation boards. It was released in March of 2003 and, as the mailing list, got an unprecedented success. Avatars, sub-forums, a tagboard, private messages, sex, violence, videotapes... all was new to us and a great experience to share with other fans.

A lot of events happened up to now. In Time and Around the Sun were released and discussing, two tours commented concert by concert, a whole pilgrimage to see them in France in 2003, meetings in promo TVs shows and even abroad. The last tour was covered by REM Nation members in Spain, Portugal, France, England and Germany and recently in Dublin. Although the boards growed too much, and it became too difficult to find useful info about the band. That's when this blog take the stage.

In middle 2005, REM Nation, "Blog About The Passion" was released by the... cough cough... sexiest 3 members of the REM Nation forum: Ark, iamsmitten and el killo. We use to write about 2 articles
about REM (past, present and future) per week since then. The blog is divided in the following sections as you can see in the right menú:

General: Reserved to comment aspects about the blog like updates, aniversaries, events...

Articulos: The main section. When there are a bunch of articles about the same theme, sometimes a new section is created to contain them.

Athens: Athens and Georgia are always in our minds

Cancionero: You can find inside articles about REM songs. Curiosities, reviews, videos..

Citas: Quotes about the band told by themselves ... or not

Curiosidades: Weird and funny things around the REM life style and things we only know through REM that makes us feel like nerds.

En La Red: Relevant events that sometimes we found deeper in Internet.

En Vivo: info about Live shows and past gigs. We'll talk about all of them... someday!

Entrevistas: Interviews. Most of them translated from English, so it's possible you can read it from the original link.

Estadisticas: Stats. No need to learn spanish to understand it, very useful, but hard to write!

Noticias: Lastest news from the band

Pictures & Souvenirs: Rare REM stuff, specially photos.

Proyectos Paralelos: REM Nation isn't just REM. We talk about REM band members projects too.

Publicaciones: REM in press. You are free to send us some of this non spanish press for our pleasure

Reseñas: Opinions about REM or member projects releases. You can find here albums, DVDs, videos, christmas packages, tributes, rare stuff....

Rumores: The Yellow pages of REM nation. Generally all predictions always came true!

Traducciones: Lyrics translated into Spanish, we guess not too exciting for you.

Of course you are free to drop a line wherever you like clicling on "comentar" at the end of the articles or sending us a mail to . We appreciate Warner promo stuff and backstage passes from REMhq.

Followin' the tradition, every two years a new site is released, 2001 (mailing list), 2003 (forum) and 2005 (blog). In 2006 a Last FM group was released and nowadays (2007) we are planning to create a videoblog presented by us naked as the way of Russian news

Have fun!

The REM Nation Team

NB: Because we haven't an Oxford degree, this article may contain language mistakes. If you found someone, please let us know in the 'comments'. You can introduce yourself too and talk a little about how you found the blog, and what do you think about. Don't forget to add you address, in case you have a big house. Who knows when a Tour is going to come....